May 26, 2010


As part of the Convergence Sustainable Festival currently running in Dublin, one of the world's most innovate Urban Thinkers, David Engwicht will share his ideas on developing a creative city. Artist, author and street philosopher, David will present what it takes he believes for a city to become a creative city and why every resident has the power to make their city a place that nurtures the creativity of its residents.

After reading his book, 'Street reclaiming: Creating Liveable Streets and Vibrant Communities', I was inspired to tackle this issue for my Architecture thesis last year. A quote from the book was to become a mantra for the project, 'Cities are inventions for maximising exchange and minimise travel'. David truly is a unique fun-loving character and I look forward to hearing what he thinks of Dublin's fair city!

The talk will take place at the Wood Quay Venue in Dublin City Council Offices this Friday 28th May at 7:30 pm.

Below is a video created by Street Films of David Engwicht taking on "the challenge of a lifetime", to revitalize the downtown district of Wodonga, a small city in Australia. According to StreetFilms;
"Watch the video to see great placemaking in action. Engwicht has initiated the successful Lounging on High Friday night series. The diverse programming features giant versions of board games and an eclectic range of seating options, the goal being to encourage residents to take back their streets and re-imagine what is possible. To create a more human pace, on these Friday nights Wodonga closes one street and removes two lanes of car travel on another to encourage relaxation and fun."

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