April 30, 2011

Union Station Bike Parking

A nice bicycle parking garage for 1,000 bikes at Union Station in Washington D.C. designed by KGP design studio. Scroll down to see a great Streetfilms video on how the station is managed and some reaction from daily commuters. The structure of the station is inspired by the bicycle itself and represents an interpretation of the bicycle wheel.

The station is not just a parking garage, but also accommodates lockers, changing rooms, bike rental, and a repair shop.

Echoing a bicycle wheel’s elegance and efficiency, arched steel tubes are stabilized by a series of “spokes” or stainless steel tie rods in order to lighten up the structure. An energy efficient “skin” optimizes transparency while further moderating temperature. Further minimizing heat gain, denser graduated ceramic frit low-e glazing, opens up progressively to views of the plaza level.

Double - deck bicycle storage is great for maximizing the parking capacity per m2. 

The station's iconic arc shape

And the short film about the life of the station from Streetfilms.

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