September 12, 2011

Bankside Bikeshed Winner

Architects description:

The core principle of the design is to integrate a simple roof structure with the locking facilities required for the secure storage of bicycles. The result is a clean and elegant solution that is almost iconic in its simplicity and would be instantly recognisable across Bankside. By using a flexible kit of parts, the bike shelter can be adapted to different requirements for different sites across Bankside. Additional locking elements can be added to provide further levels of security. Horizontal cross bars guide the direction of bike storage and provide further stability when parking a cycle. Lockers can also be added to give increased levels of security for frequent users for over-night and long-term cycle storage. Bolt-connections and small and lightweight individual parts allow the structure to be easily assembled disassembled, moved and rebuilt across different sites.

Given the minute £10,000 budget for the design and construction of the winning prototype, it's no wonder why such a limited design won the Bankside Bikeshed competition. However, the winning entry by Studio Meda Architects does aspire to achieve a minimal architecture that is aspirational to reach the sublime heights of minimalism. The dense thicket of thin columns brings to mind Ishigami's Kait workshop. The design does bring to mind: if SANAA designed a bike shed, what would it look like? Well it certainly wouldn't look like this one thats for sure, and would must likely cost £1,000,000 rather than £10,000 if their wonderful Serpentine pavilion in anything to go by. By combining locking facilities and roof structure, the amount of visual clutter on the streets can be reduced.

The shortlisted entries for the Bankside Bikeshed can be found at the Architecture Foundation 

Competition website. Via Architects: Studio Meda
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