December 6, 2010

Green Highways?

photo: conor o'brien
Ok, I have to admit, I'm pretty bored at this stage hearing the same thing over and over again about how hydrogen and electric cars are going to change our lives forever. It's not that I'm skeptical, because I'm not, but move on people, these technologies need to be mainstreamed. In the meantime we have to fill the gap. How do we make our existing highways into green highways?

Biking Meets Carbon Offsetting

Bike sharing / Carbon Offsetting can be the future according to this nice little ditt from CityRyde Inspire. B-Cycle in the United States is already implementing the first generation of smart bikes which can track your carbon offsets from an on-board computer. I love the way they say European-style bike sharing scheme! Come on guys, we got ourselves a stat lovin'American-style bike sharing scheme on the cards here. Nice work Denver.

December 5, 2010

Amsterdam Street Art

Thanks Pim for sharing this photo with the world!

New Bicycle Path, LISBOA

© João Silveira Ramos
Here is a wonderful project with the promotion of urban cycling at its core, while at the same time improving the quality of urban space along the river banks of the Tagus in Lisboa. The remarkable thing about this project is the minimal interventions used, no expensive paving here, just a really nice graphic language deployed onto urban surfaces. I can't help but be reminded on Caruso St. John's wonderful Bankside Directional Signage System in London. Simple, Everyday Urbanism.