June 30, 2010

Adaptive Re-use of Cars....to store bicycles

IIT Master of Architecture student Matt Moore was a finalist in the WPA 2.0 student competition with this innovative re-use of car panels for bike sheds. Of course, the double entendre is more about the decline of the era of the automobile, and the return of the bicycle. It is interesting to note that Chicago still has yet to adopt a public bicycle scheme similar to Paris's VĂ©lib and many other successful schemes in Europe and now in the United States. It is really such a shame as the city has the 2nd largest public transit infrastructure in the US. Also, the Loop offers extremely high densities particularly in the office sector, so such a service would surely be appreciated, especially with car parking being at a premium.

June 29, 2010

Bike Assembly Station at Portland Airport

This bike assembly station at Portland airport is a fantastic innovation and much needed in airports worldwide. A friend who recently brought their bike from Dublin to Chicago told me that the facilities in Dublin Airport are non-existent for cyclists. Bicycles must be boxed or bagged and passengers are advised to remove the front wheel and secure it to the frame, lower the handlebars and saddle and place in line with the frame and invert the pedals. However the airport does not offer passengers any facilites to box, bag or adjust your bicycle.

Bicycles Attack!

Bruce Mau: Designing the Future

photo: noel hidalgo
Last week I was privileged to be in the presence of a truly great mind, Bruce Mau. The man who, over 15 years ago, brought use S,M,L,XL presented to the TN2020 summit his design philosophy, ecology of methods and some fascinating results. Now based in Chicago, Bruce Mau is the Chief Creative Officer of Bruce Mau Design, author and publisher of many award-winning books and widely regarded as a visionary and world-leading innovator.

June 4, 2010

Honda's U3-X Unicycle

Yet another new Personal Mobility Device that promises to change the world! I have to admit, taking the vaccum cleaner noise away, this invention is pretty darn nifty. For over a decade now Honda, 'The Power of Dreams' have been busily working away on developing their mechtronic and robot technologies. 'Asimo' the robot, and more recently the bionic exo-skeleton, the Honda 'Assist' have been major leaps forward in the development of robot technology. Honda is consistently, as it says so itself, "tapping progress on the shoulders and saying....more forwards please".