February 17, 2010

Electric folding bikes

With more and more electric bikes starting to appear everywhere, its not just your friendly Chinese neighbour silently whizzing past you on a CIE bike, electric folding bikes are quickly gaining significant interest. While earlier this month we had a look at PUMA's $1,000 folding bicycle, this offers nothing to the sweat conscious, suit-clad commuters. Those who choose to take their folding bike on the train or bus with them can breath a sigh of relief with the advent of electric powered folding bikes. Here are some fine examples found at Treehugger and RideThisBike. Thankfully smug looks will be keep at bay as it appears that these bikes won't be whizzing past toiling cyclists anytime soon.

eZee Quando
Price: £950
Battery: 24 Volts
32 km range with a cruising speed of 25 km per hour

Raw Motor Electric Bike

Price: $375 (auction on ebay)
Battery: 36 Volt
Can travel at 30mph with its 300W electric motor

Panasonic Time Off

Price: $1,000
Battery: 24-26 Volts
15 miles range with two and a half hours run time

electricwheel Brompton

Price: £1,100
Battery: n/a
Retro-fit your brompton with this add-on

CMYK bike

Price: $600-$800
Battery: 110 volts
Runs 50 mins on a 2 hour charge

The CMYK bike won second place in the People's Design Award at the Cooper-Hewitt National Museum, and top prize in the 2009 Spark Design Awards.

And for kicks, here is a video of a Japanese produced DIY Motorized Pinoy folding bike.