February 9, 2010

The Pizza-delivery Bike

I was recently flicking through the channels on tv and came to watch the end of Mr. Deeds, Adam Sandler's epic masterpiece of comedy...well, er not really. In one scene where the small town pizza restaurant owner notices Winona Ryder drowning, he pulls up in a vintage classic pizza delivery bicycle. Why haven't I seen these before? They are perfect, one would think, for a small local pizza shop trying to challenge the iconic might of the likes of the domino's scooter. That said, Domino's in China does in fact do its delivery by bicycle.

Roll up 'Pizza Schmizza', a pizza company based in Portland (OR), a city that has cropped up in the past for its vibrant cycle culture. Pizza Gourmet Express is another pizza company that delivers by bike (for free) and is located in the university district of San Diego. Over in New York, you can get your bicycle-delivered pizza from Pronto Pizza.

The Bikes can be bought from $550 at industrialbikes.com
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