July 9, 2010

Copenhagen Cycling Superhighways

This is a great news video from current.tv's series on 'Urban Mobility- Rethinking Transportation in an Urban Environment.

Voted the world's most livable city in 2008, Copenhagen embraces bicycle culture as part of daily life with nearly 40 % of residents riding a bike to work. Blogs and fashion photos are dedicated to bike style, and throughout the city you'll find bicycle bars on sidewalks so riders can rest their feet; green lights that change early for cyclists; and even friendly signs greeting "Hi Cyclist!"

It's no wonder then that Copenhagen is innovating new ways of creating a bike-friendly city with a system of as many as 15 extra-wide, segregated bike routes connecting the suburbs to the center of the city. Technological advances will soon follow, so commuters can detect other riders on the routes, and help them to assemble into pelotons or "bike buses." These groups could in turn emit signals that trip traffic lights in their favor, resulting in a "green wave" of bicycle momentum.

Now lets have a look at London's effort at 'Cycle Super Highways'. The video below, courtesy of GAZ545,shows how bad a journey along Barclays Cycle Super Highway 7 actually. The 2nd video is a nice over-saturated affair from Transport for London talking up what is little more than a splash of paint on the road. Unfortunately, in Dublin, we suffer the same fate of appalling cycle infrastructure under the auspicious eye of car-centric road traffic engineers.

Copenhagen: City of Cyclists

Below is a very informative documentary made by 'A Billion Bikes' on Copenhagen's magnificent cycle infrastructure.

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