July 19, 2010

Designated Driving

Last week, we had an terrible tragedy in Ireland with the loss of 8 people in a head-on collision on the Inisowen peninsula in Northern Donegal. While it appears that the driver may have been driving too fast, what was even more worrying was that 7 out of the 8 young men who piled into that one car were killed instantly, with just the driver surviving. They had been watching the world cup final in a local pub after which they took, seemingly the wise decision to leave their cars at the pub and take a lift home. However, in the seemingly absence of an adequate taxi service, what are the alternatives? How could this tragedy have been avoided, and more importantly, not repeated in the future? Below are some examples of successful companies based in urban centers in the UK and the US who are offering an alternative service; the chauffeur driver who drives you and your car home.

How it works: You call or text 30-40 minutes in advance. Your driver arrives on a folding motorbike which he/she then stashes in your boot inside a sealed bag. Then the chauffeur drives you and your car home, reclaims the motorbike and speeds off into the night.

Scoot2Boot promo video

Top Gear doing ScooterMan

Top Gear- Scooter Man


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