July 12, 2010

Bicycle Cargo


The Pop-Up Bicycle Basket by MIO is designed to fit most bicycles, ship flat and be installed in either the front or rear of any bicycle. The baskets unique design and sturdy construction are fit for urban cycling and carrying purses, backpacks or shopping bags.

image: mio
image: mio
image: tato bicycles
When riding a bicycle, how should you transport your belongings? A backpack makes you sweat and hurts your back. Rear and front carriers makes your bike difficult to ride and park. The CSSB system developed by TATO in Switzerland, which is integrated into the structure of the bike frame, does not have these inconveniences. The rider is freed from any weight on his or her body. No need to use accessories to secure items, they are simply inserted from the top and do not require any attachment. They are closer to the center of the bicycle and to the ground, making the ride safer.
image: tato bicycles
CARGO BIKES | christiania bikes

Christiania Smedie started in 1976 in carfree Christiania in Copenhagen. Here the factory began to develop the well-known bike trailers and 1984 the first transporter trike was untroduced to the market. The pioneer function was as a family bike - among this the use for children transport and this function is during the years kept as the main function of our trike.

image: christiania 1984
CAMPER BIKE | kevin cyr

This inspiring sculptural art piece created by kevin cyr is the subject of many paintings. There is definitely a market for one of these!

Treehugger have assembled an absolutely fantastic directory for Bicycle Cargo with several chapters documenting; Racks and Bags, Bike Trailers, Extended Frame Bicycles and Cargo Bikes for Business.
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