August 4, 2010

FIAT 500 Fold-Up

Folding bicycle made by Compagnia Ducale exclusively for Fiat, designed to fit in the boot of the Fiat 500

Roll up..Roll up, first Peugeot, then Honda and VW followed in quick pursuit and now FIAT has become the latest car manufacturer to roll out it's 'personal mobility device' to accompany it's dinky 500. What sets FIAT apart is that this is not a futuristic hovercraft that sounds like a vacum cleaner, ala Honda, nor is it an electric vehicle made to resemble what Megatron would cycle at the weekends, ala Peugeot, but just a plain old fashioned fold-up push bicycle. This clever device is designed to fit the spaciously challenged rear boot of the 500 and it has dashing looks to match the car's classic styling.

500 Lounge Bicycle made by Compagnia Ducale.
Lounge Bicycle Folded

FIAT is offering two models, the 500 Lounge Bicycle and the 500 Pop Bicycle for a very €500 and €320 respectively. The bikes can be purchased online from the FIAT accessories website here.
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