April 13, 2010

Yikes! Here comes the YikeBike

This innovation in urban transportation is definitely pre-destined to end up in the scrapheap of outrageous designs that people regard as simply a step too far. I mean, whats wrong with the bicycle, or even the electrically assisted bicycle? Segway's aren't cool, YikeBike is definitely not cool.

No doubt however there will be buyers, those who refer to themselves as cool, hip and with-it. Of course these poor bastards find themselves in the unfortunate position that nobody else in the entire world shares that same inflated opinion of self-righteousness. Do you think 'the dude' would ride to the supermarket to pick up his carton of milk in this thing? No way man! The YikeBike might also possibly work for those poor unfortunates who are not able to mount a bicycle. You know the types, you've seen WAll-E right? That's what the inventors of YikeBike eventually want us to be like...just wait for the oversized saddle extension.

You will be happy to hear that the YikeBike has an anti-skid mechanism that slows you down faster that a regular bicycle and also built in break and light indicators which means you never have to take your hands of the steering device. Wow, why don't you just put me into a electrical wheelchair for disabled people. And where's the coffee cup holder, I mean come on guys if you are going to make something this outrageous at least make a decent stab at it and go all out. Coffee holder, gps navigation, overdrive sports mode and where's the helmet with integrated head-up display?

If you want to move from a to b in a city while drawing stares, yelps, pleas of mercy, looks of disgust and the occasional projectile vomit then the Yike Bike is certainly for you. The price tag comes in at a cool $4,450, but hey, urban freedom comes at a price. For gods sakes people, get a grip of reality and realise that cycling with your legs is actually an excellent form of transport and doesn't need to be improved on.